I created this account almost one year ago but the first post was made until October of 2018. The original purpose of this account was to develop games on the Steem Blockchain but I think I underestimated this task. I haven’t been able to gather a technical team and I haven’t created a good game concept. I guess sometimes our plans changes. Now the objective of this account is to create daily posts and mine Steem. This Steem will be used to pay for my gaming services and extra expenses.

I have reached the 200 Steem Power Milestone on this account and I’m very happy because of this achievement. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall because I don’t receive many comments or votes besides my delegations and communities. I also feel like I’m not advancing a lot and making just 7 or 8 bucks a week it’s not a lot, but then I remember that this is not the fair price of Steem (at least not for me) and the value could increase dramatically and everything will be worth the while.

My account’s value is almost 80 USD and I think that’s nice, it’s like the worth of a new video game. I’m going to continue posting and the good news is that don’t have t invest any money on my posts to get a decent amount of STU. That being said, I am reinvesting my SBD winnings to promote my posts a little bit. Right now I have 1 SBD that I will use to promote this post. With the SteemPress vote, the Repollo trail and the vote from Templo it should reach at least 2.5 STU or maybe a little more.

Sorry for skipping another Gaming blog.

The image was taken from SteemWrold: https://steemworld.org/@livingamestudios

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