Finally! I had some free time to play one of my favorite games: Fallout 4. If you read some of my lasts posts about this game you may recall that I’m following the minimalist gameplay, I’m not doing any of the shelter missions nor building shelters, I’m pretty much a nomad that wanders the wasteland killing Super Mutants, Robots and Raiders.

On this gameplay, I was able to discover several places and I mainly kill the green creatures that look like Hulk (Super Mutants). I found a very big scrapyard that was full of those creatures. I killed maybe 10, and then I splattered their Master’s head with my heated sledgehammer.

I changed the difficulty of the game to make it easier and I’m not ashamed of this, I know that it’s a cheap move but the game has become more fun and less frustrating. I have a lot of ammo and I have also been able to loot some great weapons. Sometimes I don’t even spend ammo because I use my sledgehammer to kill almost everything.

Here you can watch a couple of videos and a cool screenshot!

Level Up!

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