Today was our first Thanksgiving together and we had a great time. Even though my grandmother (from my father’s side) is American, we never celebrated this holiday for different reasons. My father always told me that making and eating turkey two times in a year was too much, but I recently found out that the real reason of why we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving was because all the family was busy or far away. After all Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Mexico. I also found that my grandmother had a tradition to celebrate this holiday with a group of american friends, but sadly her last friend passed away this year and my grandma is the last one of that group. My grandfather is 97 years old and my grandmother is 92, that’s why we decided to celebrate bug time this year.

These are some pictures from today’s celebration:

We celebrated on my Aunt’s house in Cuernavaca, she has a beautiful place.


Pumpkins served as decorations and later they will turn into pies.


For Snack We had Oyster Mousse.


The table was beautifully set


I’ve always loved my Aunt’s Kitchen. Guadalupe is the best! She and my aunt prepared all the food for us!


I was chatting with Gris and I could not take a proper photo of the turkey.


My plate. Turkey, Smashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green beans and Gravy on top of everything. I also had Cranberry Sauce that was made by another aunt.


Dessert was amazing!




Did you celebrated Thanksgiving? How was it?



Eddie & Gris

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