The title says it all, the objective of this post is to generate at least some STEEM without investing or spending a single coin. This might be a tough challenge to complete and it may take a while but I want to prove if this feat can be done. On my main account I have invested some STEEM tokens and I’m currently producing around 1.20 STEEM daily. I’ve learned how to play the basics of the game and now I’m willing to take on this challenge on my gaming alt account.

So far I’ve seen that Drugs, Weapons and Alcohol productions are pretty low, I will need at least a week to make some upgrades to the buildings.

Take a look:




Let’s do some math…

To build the next drug building I would need 2.50k Drugs, 5.00k Weapons and 7.50k alchohol. At the current production this would take almost 11 days, right now I have 1.54 K so that can save me a couple of days. I’m producing the same amount of weapons and I need at least 5.0K so this will take some time too.

I’m producing only 345.60 Drugs daily so it will take me a little more than a week. I think this game is pushing everyone to invest, because in this instant gratification times it will take forever to produce at least one STEEM but I’m going to try it anyways.


If you want to try this strategy, you will need a lot of patience and forget about the game for a period of one week, at least. Set up a reminder and open the game again when you have enough resources depending on your calculations. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the game, the website looks better and they’ve added a couple of pages to the site.

Ah, and if you haven’t tried the game yet, please consider using one of my referral links:!/ref/@livingamestudios


So far without investing anything I’m producing 0.018 STEEM, not bad…


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