I want to share a quick idea I had today. Yesterday I was watching some pretty funny memes about Duolingo. Even though I have never used this app I have heard a lot about it because my girlfriend, mother, and brother use it. Duolingo has the fame of being a little savage and send pushing notification to its users, this app requires a lot of attention and time. That’s why some people on the internet created these funny memes:

(images are not mine)
Memes were taken from different sources on the web.

Back to the idea I had…

Duolingo like many apps lets you collect coins and gems for completing tasks and advancing in your language skills. Of course, they charge real money to eliminate ads and to keep going when you are stuck. Also if you want to advance faster you can pay to go to the advanced section of the language you are learning or practicing. I’m sure someone could adapt this model to the Steem Blockchain. Imagine you could earn steem for learning a language, you could even get paid to teach someone else your native language. I think this could be a pretty good project for our beloved platform.

Maybe some already is developing something like this, or at least they have had the same idea as me.

Time will tell, time will tell.

There are a lot of possibilities, it’s only a matter of checking out what is working out there in the “fiat” world and adapt it to Steem.

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