I’m sure almost everyone on the Blockchain has heard about WordPress, it’s one of the best services to build responsive and efficient websites. But, have you heard of SteemPress? This Steem Blockchain initiative is used by thousands of Steemians and you can get an advantage too. @steeemptess has a 1,000,000 SP delegation that is used to vote posts from people that use their plugin. SteemPress plugin is easy to use and it enables a connection between WordPress and Steem.

What are the requirements of this plugin?

You need a WordPress account, you need a domain or subdomain, you also may need a proper hosting for your website data. This can be a little expensive but for our luck services like @timeets and @vornix exists… Wait a minute… I think both of those services have closed… Are we still able to take advantage of this cool service?

A friend of mine @eddiespino with the founder of @repollo have launched a new service, it’s called @repollo.press and you can check out all the details here:


They have a great promo at the moment so don’t forget to check out the post. And to finish this post I just want to share my results using SteemPress. These are the votes that I have gotten in the past 7 days in 5 posts.

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