When I think about this word certain song and feeling comes to my head. I’m a very big fan of Nahko Bear, an american musician and the leader of the Medicine Tribe (Nahko and Medicine for the People). Check out this amazing song:

I normally post about gaming, but today is Saturday and I want to listen to some music, maybe give some good recommendations. Let’s see…

Hey! these also are good songs from Nahko Bear and his band, let me know what you think in the comments:

I also wander if she reads them…

The story behind this song is pretty interesting, if you want to listen to it you can do it in the video below:

TLDW: Nahko forgives his father murderer who was convicted in the San Quintin prison.

I do “Believe Good Things are Coming”, specially for Steem!

I could share more songs, there are so many cool musicians out there. Personally I’m tired of most commercial music that only sells sex and that don’t really have a good message, only catchy beats that were taken from the last hit song.

If you have any good recommendations put them on the video below and I will watch/listen to the video and if it reminds of another song I like I will also share it.

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