Even though I don’t have a good platform to play it, Fallout 76 is one of my most expected games of this year. The game will launch soon, Beta just hit the Xbox One and a lot of gameplay videos are seeing the light.

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The game looks a lot like Fallout 4, I could say that it even looks worse un terms of graphics (considering the launching dates). The interface and gameplay on the other hand look a little better and remember this game can be played online so that’s a great new feature that may improve the game or not.

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I’m writing this article as I’m watching and analyzing the gameplay video that I will share.The video is 50 minutes long but it’s really a 3 hour gameplay, check it out:

When started watching the video I immediately saw that it had a lot of thumbs down and that people were criticizing the game a lot (before even playing). I don’t want to be influenced by negative people so I wanted to see for myself and when I have the opportunity I will play it myself.

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One thing I noticed is that the map looks very different from other Fallout games and it also looks bigger, much bigger (I can trade that for the graphics). The map looks more cartoonish and with more details.

Combat looks fun as always and because you can’t pause the game when activating the Pip Boy it will be more challenging. It seems that there are a lot of new items and crafting looks more promising than past games.

Around the 20 minute mark on the gameplay video our vault adventurer has the bright idea of attacking a player that has 10 times his level and only for a 59 caps reward. Obviously he gets recked and re spawns on a nearby area.

The story looks o.k. but I bet that people will ignore it and just roam around West Virginia looting enemies and terrorizing weaker player.

Known enemy creatures like Super Mutant make a return but this time we can see a greater variety of creatures and some of them seem pretty deadly.

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I think that right now it’s really hard to tell if the games is going to rock or suck. Personally I like this type of games and I have a lot of faith in Tom Howard and Bethesda Game Studios. After watching the video I have a good impression and I’m definitely looking forward for the full release. I know this type of games tend to be pretty buggy at first but the good news is that it can be patched and updated to add more content. I just know that we are getting a Fallout multiplayer game and that it deserves a chance and we should not attack before even playing the game.

Game on!

Keep Steeming!


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