Two of my main passions come together on this post

Gris and I recently made a very good friend. His name is Goose Hache and his dream is to become a musician. He showed us some of his compositions and even though he is not a gamer like me, his songs sound a lot like Final Fantasy battle themes. I have invited him to join Steemit so he can share his creation with the whole platform. For some reasons, including copyright and things like that he cannot join us yet, but we will share his work when everything is ready.

Goose also asked Gris if she could make some illustrations for a music video. Gris is very talented artist and I’m sure she will do a great job. Yesterday we had a reunion to talk about all the details and we heard more songs from Goose.

Now let me share some video game music that you will probably love, starting with Final Fantasy Battle Music:

Other thing we talked about was the possibility to make Chill Out Music videos. If you’re not familiar with this type of music videos let me explain a little. The concept is very simple, you put a cool beat, mix it up with a great bass, a beautiful but simple illustration and repeat it on a creative and harmonious way. Was that clear? Maybe not… let me show you a couple of examples:

The goal of these Chill Out music videos is to help people focus while studying, working or playing video games. Theses mixes sometimes are original and sometimes are inspired by games, movies, animes or comic books.

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games of all time and since Square-Enix launched the first game I fell in love with its music. Yōko Shimomura is the composer of the music for this game and I have to say that she made a very good job, here is a great example:

The Elder Scroll Saga is also a good example of a game with a great soundtrack. I’ve played this saga for more than 10 years and in some ocasions I’ve stopped just to enjoy the scenario and the beautiful music. Here you can enjoy a relaxing music compilation called ‘Peace in Tambriel’.

To finish this post I want to share music form one last game. It is also a Bethesda game that you may know about. Fallout is a game that is famous for its nostalgic ambient and it’s full of great music from the mid 20 Century. I can sing bongbongobongo I don’t wanna leave the jungle all day long while shooting Super Mutant or punching Radroaches. Here is a mix of the most iconic Fallout songs:

Hope you enjoyed this little post about Games and Music. I can say that these two things have made my life better, more enjoyable and with more meaning. They have definitely helped me see life with better angle and attitude.

Until next time!


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