If you haven’t heard about this you are still on time to make preparations. On May First a group of Steemians are preparing to take specific actions and hopefully improve the current situations with the Steem Blockchain. Some of those actions are:

  • Power Up all the Steem you have available.
  • Avoid selling Steem that specific day.
  • Stop all power Downs.
  • Be as active as possible, leaving meaningful comments and post quality articles.

Image from @streetstyle first post about SPUD.

I first heard about this challenge/movement thanks to @streetstyle. At this very moment I am saving all the STEEM I can and I also want to invest part of my Airbnb earnings to buy some Steem. I’m not sure what’s going to happen that day but I hope that enough Steemians can participate and the level of faith on the platform raises. It is true that some people have lost interest in this project (Steem Blockchain), I agree that there are a lot of flaws, but I think that the potential is greater than the negative things. Many of the things that people complain about can be fixed or compensated with future upgrades.

My secondary Gaming Account @livingamestudios is going to rest for a while.

At this very moment I have more than 40 STEEM and my account called @livingamestudios has more than 250 SP, I will no longer use that account so I will transfer it’s current Steem Power to my main account. I worked on that account for a little more than six months, I posted daily and I was able to generate good rewards. Now it’s time to focus on my main account and my girlfriend’s account called @grisvisa. Gris is doing great so far with her drawings and illustrations. A lot great projects have been curating her posts.

Drawing from a @grisvisa post.

I know that comparing yourself with other on the Steem Blockchain is not good, but in a certain degree it can tell you how well (or how bad) you are doing and if you are close (or far) from your goals. I’ve seen people that have not made Power Ups bigger than 10 STEEM, some of these people began in 2016 or 2017 and are leaders in communities. I began in January of 2018 and I have made Power Ups bigger than 1,700 STEEM, that is more than the half of STEEM I have right now (2,769.795). I feel that I’m doing alright, many of my posts have been curated by big accounts, I have sold many @steemmonsters cards for a good price, participated in contests and I have a good following base (even if a lot are inactive or are bots). I still got a long way to go to reach Dolphin status, but I believe I can do it this year.

The question is:

Do you believe in the Steem Blockchain?


Are you here to make quick money and leave?

Leave your comments below and consider joining us on the Steem Power Up Day!

More details about SPUD.

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