I kept this account active for only one reason, playing @drugwars. Now it seems that the game is dying. They stopped giving Steem and their Future Tokens are worthless, at least for the moment. I believe I was able to earn back my Steem so I’m not that mad.

The game was fun for a little while and even though they are making updates I don’t plan to keep playing, you can attack me if you want I will not fight back. Now I’m going to play NextColony with my main account, this game looks more promising and I believe it has a better future than DrugWars.

Steem has a lot of potential, but we still have a long journey ahead of us to be in the Top 10 Crypto projects. Games definitely can help achieve that goal, but in my eyes the only succesful game so far is SteemMonster (Splinterlands). There are several project that look interesting, only time (and effort) will tell if they will help Steem in general or not.

I know I said I was not going to post from this account anymore but I really wanted to take this thoughts out of my head, and I’m also testing a few things.

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