I wrote before that I had just jumped back into Halo 5 after some years. Maybe a lot of people have stopped playing this game altogether, I could not play it enough when it came out so I’m catching up in these days. Halo is one of my all time favorite games, I’m a fan of shooters and futuristic stories, I’ve been a fan since 2003. Yesterday was a difficult day for me but I was able to play some matches and that helped me forgive my problems for a while.

I’ve played more missions in the campaign, but so far the multiplayer has me hooked.

Here you have four gameplays, I am not a professional player as you can see but I like to record myself when I make good enough plays. Remember that my Xbox Gamertag is EddieSpino, just like my main Steem account @eddiespino.

Hope you like them:

Halo 5 Multiplayer Image Source

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