Hi everyone! Today I want to share some of the music that I enjoy. A couple of years ago I found a pretty cool project called Jam In the Van. The concept is simple, musicinas play their best songs on a very cool van. Jam In The Van features some pretty cool bands or artits like Sublime with Rome, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Drake Bell, Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd and more.

Ok! Less words and more music:

Image Source and Official website for Jam In The Van: https://jaminthevan.com/

This are some of my favorite artits and I love to see that they are related. They participate in the same projects, play together in the same shows and spread the same message of love and hope. That’s why I love this kind of music.

I invite you to check out Jam In The Van YouTube Channel.

And you can follow them on their Social Media Pages:



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