The other day I was wondering The Commonwealth, after killing a bunch of Super Mutant, a couple of raiders and getting myself into an ugly and dirty swamp I found another Mirelurk Queen. How is it possible that there is more than one Queen in this land? Well, it doesn’t matter, she was also no match for my heated hammer and my grenades. I was merciless, I shot her, I punched her and I throw some very big explosives at her. After a few blows, the “Queen” fell and I was victorious.

I have to say that this was pretty simple because the game is on the easiest mode. I like to play it this way because it becomes more fun and less frustrating. Maybe for some people, this could be cheating but the objective is to enjoy the game not to throw your controller at your screen.

I will keep recording short gameplays and share with you my adventures in the games.

Oh! And this is all the area I have explored:

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