So I finished Kingdom Hearts III today, well at least the main story and not with every treasure or lucky emblem. I enjoyed the game a lot and I’m going to keep playing to unlock what I missed on my “quick” play-through. It took me almost 40 hours and a month to complete the game. I bought the game on January 29 (launch day) at the same time that I bought my Xbox One. At first, I was taking things slowly and I was also trying to get most of the treasures and extra things. I also had other games that I wanted to play like Battlefield V, Halo V, Fallout 4 and so on.

I loved the combat system of the game and also all the details in the Disney and original worlds. I kinda dislike the story and some of the narrative. Sometimes the dialogues and the interaction between characters felt awkward or false. Sora is a great character, he is always happy, has an optimistic point of view in almost everything but I feel like he is lacking personality and can be full of clichés. The story is very complicated, I have played most of the games, I saw many videos that explain it and even after all that effort I could not understand it completely.

I have to say that the final battles were a little challenging, I could have trained and prepared more, but I wanted to finish the game fast. I still have to upgrade a lot of keyblades, I’m only level 42 or so and I also missed a lot of missions from the Gummy Ship. I had to use my guard in some of the bosses, that is something I always forget to use hahaha. Sometimes I only spam the attack button, jump and dodge. I also didn’t use a lot of magic in the game, I only used the cure/cura/curaga spell when I was running out of HP. I also had a tough time with the Links or Summons, these are powerful creatures from the Disney universe that you can call into battle. Most of their skills are hard to use and I didn’t take the time to practice. My favorite was Simba, you only had to jump, roar and wait for the final fireball.

I will keep playing and writing about this game, but for now, I will let it rest and try some other games. And here you have some screenshots that I took and some videos that I found, enjoy!

Chu Chu! M*ther Fü*k!r$! This battle was lots of fun!

The Team Ready for the Battle!

Riku showed a lot of braveness!

Sora felt hopeless at some point…

Sora waiting to get eaten by darkness…

Light in the Darkness!

Am I a ghost?

This little fella helped me!

The “Final” World

Cool “catch me if you can” mini-game!

Last Sora, I got you!

Ready to battle again!

Lol! Goofy! When he gets mad serious he uses this pose hahahah.

Darkness! Again!

The famous Keyblad Graveyard, host of great battles!

He was always giving me that look…

Summoning Kingdom Hearts!

You know sh!t got real wen Yensid appears in Gandalf style!

Loved battling with these two guardians!

Evil Sora | Vanitas

I heated this character!

Roxas! (Not Ventus)

Fight for friendship!

The old popsicle gang together again!

Let it rain! Let it rain!

This world was very cool, weird, but cool!

Prepare to fight!

Xeharnot most evil form!

Everything turned red for a moment.

Kingdom Hearts!

The old master came back!

The Ultimate Weapon!


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