I think this was one of my favorite worlds from Kingdom Hearts III. I’m not a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, I haven’t even watched all the films, but I love the details, the enemies, the ships and all the islands in this world. It was fun to battle other ships and to explore the sea. I also enjoyed diving in the ocean and travel through underwater caves. One thing I didn’t understand quite well was the fact that Sora and his friends were able to breathe underwater, that was reasonable in Atlantic, the world of the Little Mermaid back in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but how do you explain that skill in this world? I guess magic…


Other thing that I really liked form this world were the graphics, everything is more realistic and even Donald and Goofy don’t look cartoonish. Check out these screenshots that I took:




This world had very strong enemies, some of the battles against ships were a little difficult, and the main battle against Davy Jones was a good challenge. He was a tough enemy but my Pirate Ship was more powerful then his Flying Dutchman.


I think I may be close to the end of the game, let’s see what else Disney and Square-Enix have prepared for us. See you in a next blog!

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