After beating the Pirates of the Caribbean World I traveled to the Dark Realm to save the day. Riku and Mickey were having a tough time there and the King almost gets imprisoned by a familiar character. It was Aqua! But something was different. She has spent 10 years in that dark place and after waiting and waiting for someone to help her she has succumbed to darkness. Anger, resentment and negative feelings have filled her heart. She even showed a gray hair and yellow eyes, similar to the look Terra had after being possessed by the evil wizard Xeharnot.

As I said, Riku and the King Mickey were about to be defeated by evil aqua when Sora comes to action and starts kicking every kind of ass. Dark Aqua was defeated and she was finally in the real of light for the first time in over 10 years, tears comes out of her eyes. Happy moment, everyone hugs Aqua. She doesn’t want to rest, she need to find her friend Ventus who is asleep in a weird castle. Sora, Goofy and Donald follow her to this castle that ends up being the Land of Departure, the intro world in Kingdom Hearts Birth y Sleep.

They find Ventus asleep in the middle throne, when they attempt to wake him up a dark figure entes the arena. It is Vanitas the guy that looks like a Dark Sora and calls Ven his brother. Aqua decides to battle him and you got the chance to play as her for a few minutes, after the battle he is about to incinerate Ventus but Aqua becomes a human shield. Ventus wakes up, joins Sora and successfully they scare Vanitas away.

Finally the Guardians of light and the Seven Princess have been saved/rescued (yes I’m as confused as you are…) Our heroes gather in Yensid’s Tower. Curios fact: Yensid, is Disney spelled backwards and he is the wizard from the movie Fantasia were Mickey plays his sorceress apprentice and uses Yensid’s hat to put a spell in all the little brooms but ends being punished by his master. Yensid is also bald, maybe that’s why he was so mad Mickey stole his hat.

Anyways… back to the topic. Our heroes have gathered here and they plan the next move. In a next blog I’ll tell you what happens next.

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