This was not an easy decision but after posting from this account for about six months I have decided to give it a break for a least some time. I have many reasons to do this, the main one is because sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall that doesn’t agree with me… I’m not quitting STEEM, I will focus my time and energy to my main blog (@eddiespino) and to my girlfriend’s illustration blog (@grisvisa).

I’ve managed to obtain more than 250 Steem Power on this account (not bad?), not all of that was organically but for the last three months I have not invested in vote buying as much as in the beginning. I’m not sure if I’m going to reactivate this account in the future, it was nice to do gaming blogs from here and I will surely miss it, but I can always do the same in my main blog.

LivinGameStudios is a project that I still want to accomplish, but now it’s not the best time to do that, I’m not ready yet.

I will keep playing @DrugWars on this account and I may buy more SteemMonsters cards to play here too. For a strange reason this account is doing better in gaming that my man account.

If you are reading this and if you are not already following us on our other accounts please consider: @eddiespino and @grisvisa.

Now it’s time to see of I can rearrange the votes I have from the communities I support.

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