@SteemPunkNet was the first game I played on Steemit and I used to play it a lot. Everyday I participated on at least 8 battles and sometimes I could do 30 times in one single day. After a couple of months I was on the top of the charts and with that I began to meet some awesome people that were also avid players of the game. After some months I was invited to join a Guild called @wolfguards.

SteemPunkNet was the first MMORPG on Steemit, the concept of the game is pretty simple. After you install a Chrome extension (it only works on Personal Computers) you have to visit another fighter’s and click on “fight” to start a duel. After that you will either lose ore win the fight depending on the stats of both players. You can only do a handful of battles every couple of hours but after your fatigue or constitution recovers you can fight again. You can find the complete list of players here. If you want to check out daily stats visit @steempunksnet profile on Steemit.com.


This is my profile.

On the game you can also build a house with materials you gather from browsing Steemit or from the main page of @steempunknet. You can choose which rooms to build (and improve), that will give you bonuses to your character and you can also increase the size of your inventory.


I used to be very active in this game, I stopped playing for several reasons. I know that there is a lot of potential in the game, but I haven’t seen any updates for a long time and after I saw that benefactor rewards were removed I kinda lost motivation. This post is not intended to criticize or to question the decision of the developers. I hope that more people can be interested in this kind of games and also that this game can come to it’s former glory. Right now everyone is talking about Steem Monsters, I think that they have done an awesome job and many Steem developers have hoped in and made great tools for that game. SteemPunkNet is still not dead, I just want more games on Steemit. I’m not a developer, but I will help any way I can with ideas and suggestions.


Stats taken from: https://www.steempunk.net/SPN/Stats

Until all these happens I will continue playing this game only for pure joy and love. I’m still on a very good spot on the leaderboards and I want to continue climbing. One thing that makes me very proud is that I achieved level 10 without any weapons or armor. That funny fact inspired this character:


This illustration was made by Gris a couple of months ago.

It’s a great time to develop games on the blockchain and I think it’s also a great time to improve the ones we already have.

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