The other day I was a little bores, I had finished with all my Steem posts and I didn’t know what to do. I turned on the Xbox One, I opened Amazon Prime Video and I could not find anything cool to watch. I returned to my games and I decided to give another shot to Battlefield V.

I have been playing the new mode called Firestorm but I had only managed to win one match. I played a couple of solo matches and then I tried to play Squad Matches. I played with some people and tried to talk to them but they did not talk back. After some losses I was place in a squad with three strangers, they invited me to their party and I joined right away.

They were from the USA and at the beginning I was a little nervous and I spoke with terrible English, they were nice to me and even asked me if I was enjoying the game and such. Their names were V for Vineyard, DespicableIke and LTDupes.

To be honest they had a lot of skill and they carried me, they knew the game and we did pretty good in the first match. We won the second or third match, I don’t remember and we managed to kill 28 players, when I say we, I mean them hehehe. That is pretty impressive taking into account that there are about 64 players on each map including us.

When you are playing with a squad like this one, the game becomes more fun and intense. Winnig a game was not that hard and we ended on the top 10 several times.

On the Screenshot that we have at the beginning we killed 27 players and we all survived. I don’t recall how many kills I got but I remember that I was playing better on each match.

The game is fun, I think it will be hard to find another squad like this one and playing solo is too tough for me, but that doesn’t matter I’m going to continue playing.

My Xbox One Gamertag is EddieSpino, if you wish to play.

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