I think I made a great choice with the model of Xbox One I bought. Originally I wanted the Xbox One X version but it was too expensive for me and I decided to buy the Xbox One S. It came with a game called Battlefield V. I have played previous Battlefield titles but never in depth. To be honest I am not very good at this type of games, you guys know that my strength are RPG, Fantasy and Adventure games but I preferred this bundle rather that the one that came with Fortnite.

I was not hoping for a lot but I’m really glad I chose this version in particular. I have been enjoying Battlefield V a lot. It took a while to adjust to all the information and data that the game presents, but after a few matches I found my favorite class and I learned the pace of the game. The class that I have been playing consistently is the Support Class. You run around with a Light Machine Gun that can be equipped with a scope, you can drop ammo boxes and you can use explosives to take down enemy vehicles. You can also build fortifications when defending certain points in the map.

I am already level 8 in the support class and I’ve been playing the events, the game is fun, I like that you can spawn after dying. Games like Fortnite are a little frustrating to me because you have only one life and sometimes I like to dive into the enemies lines and I die frequently. Of course I try to be careful but for me the fun is ruined if by a little mistake you are punished to the extent of a game over and you have to do matchmaking all over again.

I guess the game would be more fun to play with friends. On every match you are part of a squad that is conformes of 4 players. You can choose between Assault, Medic, Support and Recon classes. The Medic class can revive any teammate, even from other squads, if you are from any of the other classes you can only revive player on your squad. Sometimes I find myself screaming at my teammates to revive me, sometimes they try and they die he he.

I made this play yesterday and I think I did very good. I love this gun in particular, I have unlocked some more and I’m going to try them too. My Xbox One Gamertag is EddieSpino.

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