I’m very excited to announce that I have a new personal website


For about two years I have been developing and designing websites for other small businesses, I never thought about creating a personal website. Before I found Steemit and the steempress plugin I thought that monetizing a website was very hard and expensive. Traditional methods like advertisements, e-commerce website, affiliate or social media marketing require a lot of time, effort and money to produce a positive cashflow. With steemit I was able to make money on the fisrt couple of weeks and with the help of @steempress-io I found a great way to fullfill this dream.

My journey to find the best WordPress plugin for Steemit

When I first starting posting on #steemit, almost 6 months ago, I found that there was a way to connect a WordPress Site to Steemit. After some research I almost gave up on the idea because all the plugins that I found were not working properly or the projects were abandoned or out of date. Then I discovered (or rediscovered) steempress about two weeks ago, they have just announced a delegation of 1,000,000 SP. I did my research and I started making preparations for this day.

I started using a localhost, I made four post and all of them were voted by the bot. My posts were voted with very low ammount (about 2%) but I am very grateful for that, I was able to make a more than 2 Steem Token Units per post.

Now I have my own domain/website and I plan to post in English and in Spanish very often. I will still use other methods to post but I plan to make #steempress my main way to post.


I still plan to integrate other monetizing methods to my site. I’m still not sure how I will do that or how much I could make, maybe I’ll set up a store or put some affiliate marketing links somewhere. What I know is that today I can start fulfilling a long time dream.


New times brings new opportunities.

The Online World is evolving very fast, what has worked before not always works in the future. So we have to adapt to new changes. Today it’s the blockchain era. This new technology has proven to be very useful, secure and innovative. Steemit is becoming the best Social Media and today it’s a great time to hop on. I invite you to join us and become part of the future.

Join Steemit here.

If you’re feeling down, cheer up with this video:

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