Hello people from Steemit!

As I mentioned on a previous post that I made in Spanish (Check it out here) I am now a member of Wolfguards (@wolfguards). I’ve been playing @steempunknet for several months and I think that it’s an awesome game.


I’ve always liked role playing games or RPGs because they help you develop your creativity and imagination. People behind the SteemPunkNet’s lore like @aperger-kids have created a wonderful universe for us to play with and when you find people like @ravenruis (The Mighty Captain from the Wolfguards Guild) the game becomes more fun and immersive.

Recently @ravenruis sent me an interview asking me details about my character. Some questions were about general details and some questions challenged my imagination.

We have a local joke, I was able to achieve level 10 without armour or weapons so when I was discribing my character I thought it would be funny to make the character naked, well not completly naked but with very little clothes.

My Character’s Name is Eddie van der Deeken

He is an Adventurer who likes minimalims and to have fun.

Eddie is 5’10, has green eyes, long hair and is half blonde and half redhead.

Eddie has three pet parrot and has lived a lot of happy moments, even though there has been some hardships in his life.

He say’s he doesn’t need weapons, but he is tired of having sore knuckels.

He likes to play with his parrots and teach them bad words.

He trains constantly with random workouts including lifiting stuff, swimming and running.

Eddie is a little ashamed because he can’t read.

His favorite Ice-Cream is vanilla with coke.

Now I will share some images of the creative process done by my girlfriend @grisvisa and me.

I look like a fashion model


Adding details











Close ups:

The Bottle of Rum


Pirates eat Potatoes


Inked with Wolfguards logo


Pulie The Parrot


Eddie van der Deeken


My girlfriend (@grisvisa) did all the drawings and ilustrations and I only gave the ideas.

For more information about SteemPunkNet join us at the Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Q445fSr

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