I have, and I love them!

I used to play Overwatch a lot. I starter playing in Xbox One a few years ago, but I never got far. After that, I started playing on PC and made a very good group of friends. We used to play a lot together. We started playing together around November of 2016 and we played for over a year. Those were good times. Even though I was not very good at this game I made it my main game for all that time. I remember I “mained” Lucio until a friend started playing him and was better than me, then I played a tank, DPS or another healer if it was needed.

Well, here you have all the cinematic trailers for Overwatch including the origin stories for almost all the heroes and the newest trailers.

I really miss playing this game, now I have it again on Xbox One but it’s not the same. A huge part of the game is playing with your friends.

Which one was your favorite?

Mine has always been “Dragons” it gives me goosebumps every time. It is number 9 on this playlist. The funny thing is that I am really bad with both these characters. Hanzo and Genji are very difficult characters and if you don’t use them well you can ruin the match.

I also like a lot the cinematic trailer of Reinhardt called “Honor and Glory” it is both really sad and with a lot of action. Sometimes I’m very good as Reinhardt.

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