This is just my opinion and my taste in games, but I believe that action, sports, adventure or other kind of games that integrate RPG elements are the best. I love leveling up and becoming stronger in a game. RPG stands for Role Playing Game and the main point is to become a character and feel like you are in his/her shoes. Making decisions is a crucial elements on these games and many action games have and are including this feature. Many sports or racing games let you improve your stats, you can become stronger and faster, you can even build teams with the best players and match against every kind of opponents.

Give me a game where you can evolve and that will motivate me to spend countless hours upgrading my blacksmith skill, my aim or any other thing. Think about it, if you have a great challenge ahead but you have time, space and the tools to grow you will have a lot of fun on the process and you will also feel proud when you have saved the kingdom, won the championship or slaughter the evil beast.

In life we also have fun developing our skills and becoming a better version of ourselves. Life is a big Role Playing Game that where we can thrive or we can lose. It’s important to recognize our strengths and focus on what we are good. For example I’m not very good with sports or arts, but I’m very good with technology. I like to solve problems and I believe I have certain talent for it. Games have taught me that almost everything has a solution, if you can’t find it try in other place or in another way and you will thrive.


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