Even though I am not a huge, huge fan of Game of Thrones I did watch all the season in a couple of months. This show was recommended to me by several friends and family but I did not watch a single episode until early 2017. I wanted to watch all the episodes again with my girlfriend before the las season, but I think that it is a little late for that now… Next Sunday the first episode of the eighth and final season will see the light.

What do you think will happen?

I’m sure its going to be something pretty surprising or with a plot twist. The show is full of that kind of scenes.

On other news, I have been playing more Battlefield V Firestorm matches. I’ve been playing solo, that means you against 60+ players, and I have done okay. One time I managed to get second place and in several matches I’ve been in the Top 8. I think that I may be able to win one match soon. I wish there was a way to record audio too so I can comment while I play, I’ll figured it out.

Check out this music video!

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