Today I played some games and I want to share some of the moment with you. These games are my basic rotation, I have been very entertained with them. I want to point out that I’m not an expert and clearly I could not live from playing games, but maybe I can make a living from writing about them hehe.

On the battlefield V video you can see that apparently I cannot jump a fence properly and that even though I was able to eliminate two players with my light machine gun I exposed myself to the third opponent and got wrecked.

In the Fallout 4 gameplay you can see how I slaughter some “innocent” scavengers, in my defense they were a little rude… you can’t talk like that to a guy holding a sledgehammer coberd in blood of Raiders, Ghouls and Super Mutants.

So far I’ve been a fan of Kingdom Hearts III, on this gameplay I decided to explore the first worlds I passed, I’m still missing a lot of chests and lucky emblems. I took a stroll on the world of Hercules and I found one chest and one lucky emblem.

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