I’ve always been a nerd. Since I was a little boy I always enjoyed fantasy shows, movies and games. At one time I was a huge fan of Harry Potter and I also lived Final Fantasy games, including Kingdom Hearts all my childhood and teenage years. Now that I have grown up I have seen that these kind of entertainment has become more and more popular. Now you are a cool kid for liking these kind of stuff, in the past you were a huge nerd and you could be even bullied for this.

Two big franchises are coming to an end this year, well at least their main story. One of them is Star Wars and the other is Game of Thrones. Which one of these do you like better. I know that there might be people that could argue that Star Wars used to be better or that Game of Thrones murdered their favorite character. Tell me in the comments which one is your favorite.

Personally I like both, but I have lost a little contact with Star Wars and I think I am ignorant in a lot of the lore. And that’s why for me the winner between these two franchises is Game of Thrones. Even though I started watching the show about two years ago I could see where all the hype came from. It is fantastical fantastic. The characters, the production, the story, the lore, even actors are well picked for their roles. I am so pumped for the new season.

I’ve gathered a few videos about Star Wars and Game of Thrones, I hope that you like them.

Upcoming Star Wars Game:

Star Wars Episode 9 Teaser:

Game of Thrones Cast Members Experiences (contains spoilers):

Game of Thrones Recap Seasons 1 – 7 (also contains spoilers):

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