Even though this account became active around October of 2018 it has already passed one year since it was created. The original concept of this account was to gather a team and create games for the STEEM blockchain. I have not given up that goal but sometimes plans change and you realize that you are not ready financially and skill-wise. So I decided to focus this account on gaming blogging (sometimes I blog about other things) and it has worked OK. I’ve managed to accumulate 220 Steem Power and 56 in reputation. I know that the content is not spectacular, but I’m trying to make it funny and unique. Let’s see if I keep up this pace and continue my gaming journey. Now the objective is to put gameplays and pay my gaming subscriptions with the STEEM accumulated on this account.

I’ve been thinking and a future objective of this account will be to curate #gaming high-quality content in #spanish and English. I would have to grow very fast or invest in Steem Power. Then, in the future, I will have enough resources and contacts to build gaming Dapps.

Excuse this little post, I will share a video with trailers of upcoming games:

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