This Steem Account was made originally to find a team of developers and create games on the Steem Blockchain, this dream has been hard to achieve, but I can still make gaming blogs here. Recently I have received support from an awesome community (@templo) so now I have the responsability to increase the quality and depth of my content.

To achieve this I will take the following steps:

  • Record Quality Gaming Content.
  • Find Relevant and Interesting News About the Gaming Industry.
  • Find & Share Quality Gaming Music.
  • Be more descriptive, add more detail to my posts and with a better format.

Anytime is a great time to improve, this time has been a great to learn about the platform and I’m very happy here.

For today’s blog I will like to share some quick thoughts about the current situation in games. I’ve been a gamer for almost 30 years and I’ve witness people fighting and complaining for irrelevant things like the brand or type of console, aren’t we all gamers? It doesn’t matter if you play on an Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony console. Even if you play on an old Nokia Phone you are still a gamer because you are living your passion.

Other problem is that people tend to complain a lot. I agree that it’s OK to complain when developers don’t fulfill their promises or when they want to sell a game or some feature in a very expensive price. But when you are complaining when the game hasn’t come out in your region and that the guys behind the game should have thought about a global release, you look bad. The internet if full of trolls.

We are living in a generation were we have a lot of gaming options. There are indie games and AAA games. You can lay on your phone and you can also play VR games on a whole new level. There are fighting games, sports games and Battle Royale games. You can play on your own or with hundreds if not thousands of people. Gaming is here to stay, this revolution is not going anywhere. Some may say it’s a waste of time, but for other is a way of living.


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