This is a very different type of post, if you’ve been following for the last couple of months you have seen that my content is only about gaming. But today I found this video and I’ve decided to make an analysis. On November of 2017 I learned about trading and I got more in contact with cryptocurrencies. I discovered Trading View and I learned how to read the charts, at least the basics. Interpretation has always been difficult for me, I took some gut decisions and that didn’t end well, after all this was a good way to learn.

On January of 2018 I discovered Steem and I stopped doing and learning tradeing and I focused on content creation. I learned on a hard way that you cannot invest money you need for other things and that gave me little space to trade and reach my goals. I still want to learn more about this great skill, but for now I will focus on increasing my Steem account and accumulate this awesome token.

As I said I found this video that talks about some indicators that can change the course of Bitcoin. On the video he starts with some technical analysis and then analyze some of the latest bullish news.

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