You’re It!

We are all unique and sometimes we can feel isolated, this song gives me hope that we can go out there and find ourselves. Sometimes we attempt to find happiness in someone else’s arms, but we may forget that true happiness, wellbeing, and joy, in general, has to come from inside us. If we cannot lit our inner fire we may never be able to be happy with someone else, maybe for a while but that happiness will not last.

“Sometimes you’ll find yourself adrift, and sometimes you’ll be adrift and find yourself.”

You’re it, you are always it.

I know who I am, I’m happy by myself and that allows me to be happy to my soon-to-be wife. I still need to improve my character or rather to learn how to control it. I can be a very temperament person and lose my patience very fast.

Listen to the song, Wookiefoot is one of my favorite bands I would love to see them live.

“There’s no way out, but there’s a way in.”

Wisdom comes in many forms: a song, a book or talking with someone new. Don’t underestimate anyone, we can learn from everybody. Even songs without lyrics can teach us something in the form of feelings. This song is a great example:

I know the main picture is a little random. It was taken by my mom around 25 years ago.

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